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He should be thumbing them, intellectually

A great deal of the Comme des Garcons SHIRT drop for SS16 is made up of shirts with unnecessary orifices. So riddled with holes in fact, that in some cases there appears to be more hole than shirt. Some resemble a shoddily assembled Ginsters lattice.

While I am a significant Comme fanboy, I’m not in the business of paying for clothes 70% of which is air.  So I’m playing it safe with this long-sleeved T. It looks like the kind of thing the SHIRT line has been producing for time. But for me, this blend of blue and grey cottons still looks fresh and interesting and most importantly, very Comme.

CDG_SHIRT_Micro_Gingham_Poplin_Long_Sleeve_Shirtx-2 CDG_SHIRT_Micro_Gingham_Poplin_Long_Sleeve_Shirtx

I don’t know about this dude’s thoughtful poet posturing. I guess he’s trying to illustrate the arty subversion of a long-sleeved T made of four different cottons. He’s not drawing enough attention to the elasticated cuffs to my mind. He should be thumbing them, intellectually.

CDG_SHIRT_Micro_Gingham_Poplin_Long_Sleeve_Shirt CDG_SHIRT_Micro_Gingham_Poplin_Long_Sleeve_Shirt-3

I wouldn’t pose like a Wonder Stuff tribute act in this, I’d just do what I always do, stand in a grotty pub garden, holding a pint, rolling my eyes at blokes wearing Superdry.

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  1. Amnesiac

    I’d be looking at you and the guy in his super dry garb and rolling my fucking eyes.

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