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The entire shit

I have, on occasion, been accused of not making it entirely clear whether I actually like the thing I’m writing about. It’s a critique I’m comfortable with. Sometimes, I’m not sure myself. After all what looks strong in a picture can, when worn, look like a warm punnet of testicles. In my view, it’s for the individual clothsman to decide what he wears to go to war with the world. A bro’s tastes and flavours are that bro’s alone. With very few exceptions. This being one.


This is the entire shit. Imagine what ‘the shit’ looks like, now add some more spoons of shit, that’s this. It’s Engineered Garments. It’s SS16. It’s part of the drop at The Bureau that went up this week. It’s got polka dots on it. For fucks sake what are you waiting for?

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Yes, it does look a bit pyjamary. And I suppose 263 coins for a jacket that looks a bit pyjamary could be considered unwise. But not by me. And not by you if you’ve any sense. It is, based on all KPIs, the ultimate summer jacket and if I wasn’t writing this fanny, I’d be buying it. Go on, buy it now, do the top two buttons up, leave the bottom ones undone and you’ll own summer. Christ I wish I was you.

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  1. Mr Brown

    Bit EG, bit Post.
    Plus, there’s nothing better than an early summer jacket purchase where your only outlet is to stride around the gaff in it, heating right up with all the lights on.

    BTW: “clothsman”* – top marks.

    (*This, of course, would have meant something completely different school and, that we never used it, nor can we change that, you’ll understand takes something away from the jacket)

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