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A brunch meeting in Neros

A coat that thought it was a blazer, or a blazer that thought it was a coat? I’m on the fence with this one. As far as pilfering the past to create the new (it’s based on WWII munitions factory kit) Garbstore are on point – just not sure it’s got a place in my ‘drobe. There’ a utilitarian simplicity to the front, but it’s hella party round the back. Check that contrasting belt thing going on. Not sure how you’d tie it behind your back, or would you tie it, would you just let it dangle? Important issues people, important issues.


You can grab this in navy, or camel, but I’d probably go for this indigo model. I’m all about the reinforced taping on the inside seams, although I don’t imagine a lot of everyday strain being put on this garm. It’s interesting that throughout the #menswear landscape, great pains are taken to point out the durability of kit which will end up being worn in situations no more arduous than a brunch meeting in Neros. Still, it’s nice to know it’s there.


That round the back tie thing is sure to divide audiences. Either it’s a mad-desirable detail, or the route to feeling a bit self-conscious because you’ve got a bow on your back.


  1. Mr Brown

    Get the fuck off them. It’s wasn’t funny 3 months ago.
    Yeah, yeah kid reins – not heard that before.
    You twat – I was about to get served then.
    Quick open the fucking door me bow’s caught.
    Yeah, I like the way they flutter behind me on my bike too.
    Etc etc.

  2. Amnesiac

    Why the fuckety fuck would you pay good money to look like Granville from open all hours.

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