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Lizard King vibes

For those drawn to the dreamcatching, beads ‘n’ bangles philosophy of dress strongly espoused by brands like VISVIM, moving towards suede as a top layer makes a lot of sense. A suede shirt. It’s got Lizard King vibes. It says you dig mysticism, you’re all about nuts, pulses, henna tattoos and maypoles and you’re not averse to a spot of transpersonal psychology. At the very least it suggests you’re comfortable choosing the clementine drizzle loaf in Costa.

So, suede. It certainly offers a different dimension to the kind of crunchy cotton and warm wools most of us have stuffed in our closets. It feels grown up to be rocking suede too. I’m not talking about that shameful pair of jumbo-brogued Grensons you’ve got stuffed under the bed. I’m talking full-force, upper torso, entire suede coverage – the kind this Haversack shirt affords.

It probably feels grown up because a big suede garment is usually pretty costly. And this piece, at £285, is no ‘next to the till’ impulse. But if you recognise the envious glances of other bros as currency, this thing will offer a good return on investment.

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