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I expect a lot of people would appreciate that juxtaposition

The organic curves on this T-shirt contrast pleasantly with the almost Brutalist squares, and rectangles that make up munch of current menswear. I can see this worn effectively beneath an Engineered Garments BDU Jacket – the rounded, natural shapes, just visible as the grid-pocketed coat swings open. I expect a lot of people would appreciate that juxtaposition. And by I lot I mean, the wearer, a handful of people online who give a shit about such things and maybe the wearer’s missus if she was in a good mood.


This is the work of Comme des Garçons’ right hand designer Junya Watanabe. And while he usually does this kind of stuff over on his eponymous label, here he’s bringing his patch working sensibilities to Comme des Garçons Homme.

Comme-des-Garcons-Homme-2-Pockets-Jersey-Tee-White-3_2048x2048 Comme-des-Garcons-Homme-2-Pockets-Jersey-Tee-White-5_2048x2048

I suppose to some eyes, it might look a bit weird. But if I’m honest, I couldn’t care less about those eyes. It’s just interesting. Interesting to look at and, I dare say, interesting to wear. The strictly-business, stripy patches bring something very Comme to the party and while the practical rational of those pockets is probably non-existent, they just look good. And let’s face it, looking good, even if only in your own head, is what it’s all about.


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