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Handling anything you pour into your glug-balloon

When the weather turns tropical, the societal norm insists men should  sit in pub gardens and consume significant volumes of alcoholic fluid. Whether they feel like it or not. Cultural pressure to be gregarious, on-form and at the very least, reasonably social, is high. And while appropriate clothing can do little to turn a curmudgeon into the life a soul, it can at least offer a trouser happy to accommodate seven pints of Amstel and lime.

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We’re in the realm of the brand Kaptain Sunshine here. And if you’re planning to enhance your midriff with oceans of boozy fizz, these dungarees can handle anything you pour into your glug-balloon. There’s no waist band as such, just a hole you step into.


Of course none of this practicality addresses the fact that you’ll look like the dude that rode Ned Beaty like a piggy in Deliverance. This could be something of an issue if you’re sharing your sunny afternoon with a bunch of conservative blokes in chinos and polo shirts. But at least, as their diabolical  garms swell and ache around a reservoir of carbonated piss, yours will remain hidden beneath the capacious folds of vintage inspired Japanese casual wear.

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