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A staged stroll along the Seine

For him Paris is both a place and a state of mind. He’s thankful that on this occasion while geographically in Paris, he also feels psychologically in Paris. This pleasure is expressed through a stroll along the Seine, wearing a Barbie duvet as a scarf.

Gendarmerie as traffic lights, children smoking and the queasy realisation that Parisians guzzle Starbucks. What is Paris, he wonders? For surely it is a city in only factual terms? But the sun is low and it’s growing chilly. He’s happy to leave this riddle to the world’s finest minds. While remaining confident that given time, he could figure out the answer himself.










Shirt: Monitaly
Jeans: orSlow
Shoes: Yuketen
Jacket: Monitaly
Scarf: Kapital

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