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A real beauty that images just can’t represent

For many in the UK Kolor is a rarity. It’s been around since ex-Junya Watanabe designer Junichi Abe launched the brand in 2004. Yet its presence in stores over here remains scant. It’s a shame. Certainly, Kolor bends towards fashionable seasonality in a way other brands covered on these pages (Engineered Garments, orSlow, Eastlogue) don’t so much. And because of this, some may dismiss Kolor as the kind of primpy fabulousness so beloved of the sequin-brained Selfridges crowd. But look closer and you’ll see solid utilitarian, American workwear influences, collegiate references, teamed with remarkable construction and fabrication. If you’re comfortable with unnecessary appliqué on a bomber jacket there’s a lot to like.

You really need to see Kolor clothes in person. There’s a luxeness, a real beauty to the products that images just can’t represent. This is fortunate, as a glance at a Kolor swing-ticket reflects this beauty more than adequately. You’d be on the business end of £821 for this bomber. Not the most comfortable position to be in.

That said, it’s certainly indiscreet. You won’t be overlooked with that hodgepodge of pocket detail blarting out at all and sundry. The appliqué arrangement suggests haphazard, the fabrication and finishing suggests opulence  – a multivalent piece then, subject to interpretation, confusion and envy. Sounds like 821 quids worth to me.

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