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Grappling a stag into servility

Furry shoes (all be they faux) are perhaps not for all. These bestial loafers are a seasonal standard from LA based Yuketen and while we’ve seen them and their like a few times, to my mind this style remains a short cut to major-league standout. Teamed with simple (straight, loose-cut)  jeans and clinical neutrals up top, these shoes will do all the work. Rich chocolaty suede with a fucking eiderdown of fuzz on each upper – no you don’t want to be stepping in any puddles, yes you’ll look like the kind of low-key dandy who could grapple a stag into servility.

As much as the US influence on this moccasin style is clear, through the current streetwear lens, they look solidly Japanese. And by this I’m not referencing Yuketen’s head designer Yuki Matsuda. I’m thinking more that the chunky loafer, teamed with tremendously sized trousers and workwear jackets, is a combination currently spotted more frequently in Japanese street style shots, rather than in the wilds of east London.

These are over at Present right now and I commend their buyers for choosing to stock an (arguably) less commercial style. Not for everyone these. But if you’re going to roll in a loafer, this chunky route is the way to go. They’ll certainly place you at a safe distance from the armies of Mark Wright-a-likes in thin-soled pointy loafers, no socks and spray-on jeans currently contaminating the nation’s fun pubs.

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