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I’ll give you sorry in a minute

Retailer Haven calls this Mountain Research peacoat, “eccentrically styled.” I’d go slightly further and suggest it’s the kind of thing you’d find yourself wearing post-lobotomy. Looking at this, I’m not really sure Mountain Research entered the incarcerated spree-killer market on purpose or by accident. You know, the kind of accident where parts of your wife are discovered in the freezer as a forensic scientist swabs your gums.

This coat reminds me a lot of the kind of thing Folk used to produce – clean, navy wool melton, with little leather detail around the collar. Mountain Research have taken this concept and escalated things to blunt instrument trauma. Look at the size of those leather belt things. No subtlety, no ambiguity; this is a coat with massive leather belts on it, built to keep the cold out and your psychotic disorder in.

It’s not for me this. Don’t get me wrong I’m as dangerous as the next man. I can get really rather miffed when someone grinds against my cafe stool with their double-buggy. “I’ll give you sorry in a minute“, I think. Even so, I consider myself a fair distance away from wanting to eat someone’s spine and wear their face as a cap.

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