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Isn’t that why you read this nonsense?

These smocks from (new to me) Japanese brand Setto are flying out over at The Bureau. Smalls and Mediums are gone, only Large or Extra Large bros need apply I’m afraid. Interesting insight into The Bureau’s audience though. Clearly brand recognition is secondary to great fabrics, interesting styles and quality make up. That said, price point may also be relevant, this smock is on for £180, hardly cheap, but pretty reasonable for such a neat and detailed piece.

Staying on the detail, check that side zip; an alabaster gash beaming from the indigo body. And that diamond stitched pattern, really solid stuff. I guess the boxy smock shape might look a bit interesting (or odd in the mind of Mr High Street) but principally this is a standard, day-to-day workhorse of a piece, one that should find heavy rotation within an enlightened gentleman’s fits.

Love the patch pockets too. You should also check out the other Setto pieces at The Bureau. There’s another smock in the mix over there, it’s a quilted number in royal blue. Bit more expensive, bit more likely to make you look like Lego character, but isn’t that why you read this nonsense in the first place?

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