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I should probably be more servile

By the time you finish this sentence, this coat has probably sold out. If you act immediately, click here and have an adjacent $1,350 you might get lucky. Oh, and you’ll have to take a size large, there’s only one left.

It’s from Needles Rebuild. And although wearing it will make you appear destitute, there is a sizeable global fan base who seem to crave just that.

You remember Needles Rebuild? Old clothes chopped into new clothes and priced significantly. But, you know, it’s Japanese. So even though it looks a bit like something an eco-minded student ran up on their fashion BTEC, actually it’s both mad-cool and worth the money and anyone would be an idiot to think otherwise. That’s pretty much the pitch. As a fan of the brand, I should probably be more servile. And yes, if I had this vast, patchwork hobo-coat I’d give it a run out. But I think it’s also important to be able to occasionally wipe off the rose tint and see a thing for what it is. In this case a coat like the one Eddie Murphy wears at the start of Trading Places.

As a thing it’s (arguably) beautiful. All those competing herringbones, tweeds and houndstooths. And the back, with all those sewn down pocket flaps. As a thing, it’s fascinating. As a wearable, day-to-day coat, not so much. It’s not a piece you can be on the fence about. Although it might make you look like you sleep next to one.


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