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Jr&Co launch at Alpha Shadows

Last Thursday evening. Peckham. Menswear store Alpha Shadows. A happening. A thing happened. I watched it happen.

It was the launch of Jr&Co hats. There were three hats in a room. On pedestals. There were also a number of people walking around the hats. Some people tried a hat on. Others did not. Some people tried on two hats. I was among that number.

Jr&Co is a locally made brand. The three hats are made with Halley Stevenson black waxed cotton. There’s a buckety one, a cappy one and one that looks like a dropped blancmange. As hats go, they’re very nice. As happenings go it was a bit boozy and featured a gathering of formal wear blasphemers in high-end labouring gear and antagonistic prints. I took a few pics. These are they.












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