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Watertight blazering for the sex-funk set

Neither one thing or the other, but weirdly effective for it, this blazer/coach jacket hybrid from N.Hoolywood is killing it for me right now. Yes, you’ve got some freaky wet-suit like material going on, and a cropped blazer silhouette that brings to mind the stage attire of 80’s Word Up! sex-funker Cameo. But with the nation’s high streets still chock-to-the-balls with yawnable New Balance and Palace tees, perhaps a bit of electric-bass eroticism is what’s called for.

Daisuke Obana is the guy behind the brand. And apparently the aquatic world is his muse. Hence the fabric and watertight stitching I guess. You’ve also got press studs onboard this oddity, and it really is an oddity. Blazer lapels, but with elasticated cuffs and a drawstring hem? Madness, no? And yet, it looks pretty wearable to me. I even like the low cut lapels. For years something of an anathema, yet here, rendered in sci-fi fabric, with the casual jacket details at play, it seems to make sense.

Wear it like a cardigan, toss it on as the weather clouds over. Keep it loose and floppy and cram those pockets with ephemera. You could even buy a pair of shoulder pads from Ebay and sew them in. Congrats. You are the embodiment of Miami Vice’s Sonny Crocket circa season four.

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