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A navy jacket sufficiently different from your other navy jackets

I was talking cloth with an associate at the weekend. “Problem is“, he said while peering at a smart piece on my phone, “I’ve got too many navy jackets.” I suspect many of you will feel much the same. On the one hand you wear them all the time and want more of them. On the other you’ll have to justify to your significant partner why this navy jacket is different from all your other navy jackets. And why you need it. And why is it different exactly? You could say the pockets, you could say the collar, the colour, the fastening. You could say all that. But the truth is, it’s different because it’s a navy jacket you don’t own.

This is a navy jacket you don’t own. It’s from Japanese makers Chimala and it’s exactly the kind of navy jacket that is sufficiently different from my other navy jackets to warrant an extended eye-rolling session with my girl. Based on vintage railroad jackets, you’ve got a button up Nehru collar, a bold antiquey button fastening, a bunch of patch pockets and a dinky, watch pocket on the skew. Sanity, if you ask me.

Of course I’ve got indigo-dyed, premium denim jackets. I’ve got blazers, coach jackets, chore jackets. I’ve even got a Needles one with a stand collar that does exactly the same job as this one. In fact, now I think about it, I’m struggling to find anything sufficiently different to even attempt to justify. Gah. Maybe you’ll have more luck.

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