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Avoid any confused stares

A fundamental aesthetic clash within menswear right now is that of paired back, progressive minimalism (think Our Legacy, N. Hoolywood, Wooyoungmi, Lemaire…) versus the kind of woke dandy, beads ‘n’ bongos vibing going on over at VISVIM, Needles and Japanese upstarts Bohemians. Personally, I’m a bit half rice half chips on this one. I think both have their place in single wardrobe; different needs, different moods, different requirements, different levels of bead-craft. What’s your ratio like? If you’re too heavy on the concealed pockets and architectural lapels, maybe grab one of these bags and add a puff of incense nonsense to your fit.

These bags are by Bohemians. Three different colourways. Traditional tote handle and shoulder strap. Made of a cotton and linen mix. They’re called ‘Florida Patch’ bags. I have no idea why, I guess if you squint they look a bit Art Deco-y. It’s all good.

At only 55 coins, it is all good. I’m a sucker for this kind of thing. I mean sure, this kind of woke dandy-ishness doesn’t play that well up in Brexit country. But if you keep your lifestyle southern and only swing your gender-free, wizard bag around Hackney you’ll safely avoid any confused stares.

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