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That’s what this shit is really about

Everything I’ve seen from Japanese brand NOMA t.d I’ve liked. It’s been a difficult brand to grab in the UK, but London retailer Goodhood recently landed a large drop. Goodhood themselves are currently pushing more bold, graphic shirting. But I thought it’d be cool to pick out a softer, less bolshie alternative. Hence this cloudy epiphany.

The guys behind NOMA t.d, Mr. Masako Noguchi (textiles) and Takuma Sasaki (design), tend to offer fairly simple shapes, but realised in great fabrics, with atypical approaches to embellishment. This shirt is true to form. Like a sunny day inside a lava lamp, its breathy tie-dye patterning can’t help but suggest relaxation. The tidy snap-button fastening elevates this piece from beachy craft fair merch, as does the raw, chopped off hemming. And look at those bloated half-sleeves.  Unusual much?

You can grab it at Goodhood, or you could make a saving going the proxy service route at Digital Mountain.

While graphic statements can be fun, I tend to think a more discriminating approach to pattern often wins the day. And by ‘wins the day’ I explicitly mean, makes you look cooler, more interesting and just generally better than everyone you know. I mean come on, that’s what this shit is really about.

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