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Dong shaped chest pocket

If you’re looking for T-shirting that doesn’t howl its branding into the eyes of passers by, these fits from Burlap Outfitter are a move. Perhaps the best tees I’ve seen this season, they’re all about the supremacy of fabric, finish and pocket detail, rather than twatting someone around the chops with a giant sans serif font.

They’re available in green, white and an arresting pattern somewhere between 70s airline upholstery and a Macintosh screen of death. The latter is for the bold certainly, but I can see that pattern being tamed successfully beneath a lightweight cardie or unstructured blazer.

The boxy cut means you can toss this over a long sleeve for a competing hem play, while the pocket detail on these things is just savage. A couple of hand pockets, with knitted trim and an extended dong shaped chest pocket perfect for transporting your favourite rubber dick means even without the support of a jacket, you’ll have somewhere to store the essentials.

These probably won’t appeal to the ‘look what I can afford’, Off-White, Palace and Supreme crowd. But then, at the risk of sounding like a snob, isn’t that the point.


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