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A languorous expression of authentic

Here’s a long sleeved top from Gaijin Made. It’s handmade. And it really looks handmade. It looks the kind of handmade that makes me think I could make it myself; so primitively are the random patches stitched on. A little cord on a split collar, some cotton squares, some dye splashes… Don’t get me wrong, I kind of like it. It just looks quite easy to do. Looks authentic I suppose. An especially languorous expression of authentic.

This Gaijin Made stuff isn’t going to murder your plastic either. £120 for this. Only £190 for a satin Haori jacket and just £80 for a heavily hand stitched Sashico tee. Seems surprising for a brand that trumpets its handmadeness and boasts working with, “craftsmen all over the world“, producing, “Thai Batik dyeing, Indian Kanthan embroidery and Peruvian hand knitting.” There’s definitely an aesthetic parity with brands like Kapital going on here. But for considerably fewer bucks.

Whether or not this top does it for you, do check out the Gaijin Made range over at Garbstore. This piece is not for everyone. There’s a bubble and squeak feeling about it. A bit like it’s been crudely stirred together from leftovers. Just with fewer mashed-up roast potatoes.

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