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This is Suspiria

To explore the labyrinthine corridors and staircases within Peckham’s Bussey building is to enter a blood red torment worthy of Dario Argento. Eroded over time by incalculable bumps and scrapes, now the paint seemingly weeps from the guts of the building. Hollow and cold, the thick brickwork mutes the outside and suffocates the cries of those within. This is The Shining. This is Suspiria. Built for function, with all the courtesy and allure of an abattoir. So, ideal for pratting about in, while wearing Japanese menswear.







Jacket: Rough & Tumble (RANDT)
T-shirt: United Athle
Trousers: Needles
Sneakers: Needles
Chain: Mikia
Bag: Engineered Garments

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