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A wardrobe of 100% classics revisited is looking a bit tired right now

This Kaptain Sunshine pullover parka is highly suggestive of the space cake, wind chimes and Ozric Tentacles lifestyle. Don’t subscribe to the Japanese and Korean post-heritage swing towards eccentric layering? Immune to their ebullient approach to patterning? You’re in a tough spot. Frankly, whether you feel it or not, a wardrobe of 100% classics revisited is looking a bit tired right now. Against a backdrop of dudes marching about in Filson, Baracuta, Barbour, Albam and Belstaff, all going for the fishing holiday Steve McQueen vibe, the successful clothsman has to go next level on his fits.


This is a strident piece, no question. And probably most bros aren’t gonna make the leap from new-fogey Belstaffism, to a boxy hoody last seen on a member of Hawkwind. Which is exactly why you should.


Poke your browser at Strato to cop, or at least get a proxy service to do it for you. Rest assured, I’ve pre-fathomed the Japanese text  – this definitely isn’t the kind of thrown-together head shop merch worn by your typical beads and bongs merchant. The cloth is created using linen for the warp (the lengthwise thread) while the weft (across the fabric) is Shetland wool. The result is a pretty rustic texture, but one that’s extremely soft and breathable. Of course, as mensweary as these details are, you’ve still go to have the right ‘tude to pull it off. I don’t necessarily think you have to be a fan of Gong. But at the very least you’re going to need to be more into Andy Weatherall than you are Tiësto.

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