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Somewhere without a roof and wi-fi

And Wander produce outdoorsy kit. To me, it seems targeted at both genuine wilderness botherers and coffeehouse layabouts like me. It’s got the kind of details menswearmen freak over; frequently pointless details of no practical use. Existing simply to look (you know) cool and that. I remain a sucker for such trivialities. Hence you find me outdoors, standing near some graffiti, juggling my adoration for Japanese shirting and my discomfort with being somewhere without a roof and wi-fi.

So, the shirt is by And Wander (now sold out sadly at Alpha Shadows). And yes, aside from its lightweight make up, bold striping and tab collar, it’s all about that ridiculous carabiner detail. I guess you could hang some keys off it, but it’d droop something rotten. And you’d inevitably catch it in a cab door and tear the pocket clean off.


I’m also wearing a Monitaly ‘Herringbone Utility Jacket’, you can grab the last one in khaki, size large, over at The Bureau, my trusty vintage Rolex, jeans from Other/Shop and sneakers from Primury. The latter brand seems to have vanished from the online Dover Street Market Sneaker Space, although they’re still stocked in store. I’ve got a couple of pairs of Primurys and while the quirky stylings of this London brand certainly appeal to me, they are really well constructed too. Get involved.

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