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Oh yeah, it’s also got a drawstring waist

Beams+ tends not to shock. But now and again, in amongst the almost John Lewis-ish plaid shirts, sensible chinos, crew necked knitwear, some heat protrudes. This is that heat. A boxy, over-the-head, nylon shirty-jacket.

hp_101535_c hp_101535_d

I’m not in love with the nylon, but from the shots at least, it doesn’t look too shimmery. On the upside there’s a press-stud, regular button mix (which looks achingly Engineered Garments), a couple of pockets on the reverse, and a barbarity of pockets up front – this thing will holster a day’s worth of dudestuff no bother.

hp_101535_e hp_101535_f hp_101535_b

Riding the collar buttoned and popped, might encourage Brit Pop flashbacks, but adding clumpy, thick-soled shoes and high-hemmed jeans should provide adequate distinction. I’d just buy it a size too big, give the cuffs a roll or two, pop your shirt cuffs out an inch and let its giant, nylon boxiness make your introductions for you. The utilitarian detailing might be Brecon Beacons flask-master, but the finish is totally braised pigs cheeks with rhubarb coulis. You feel me?

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