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Smirking into your living room like a parboiled Peter Sutcliffe

The cut of this Digawel shirt is the strongness. Short on the body (idea for a neat hangout) and straight on the cuffless sleeves. It’s the text-book boxy cut, adding an element of smartness to any rig-out – while making it clear your knowledge of predatory financial products is low, but your familiarity with Moderat’s back catalogue is high. Thus placing you in the appropriate social demographic to requisition your ideal sexual partner. Indeed this shirt can do that for you. But. There’s always a but…


You know when you’re channel hopping and you momentary soil your evening by catching a glimpse Rylan Clark, smirking into your living room like a parboiled Peter Sutcliffe? Well, depending on your taste, this piece has an equally ruinous element.


Look at the size of that badge. Front and centre; jumbo, square and white. It’s not there by accident. That’s a decision, and one you, as the wearer, would have to live with.

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I guess from one perspective, it’s not like you’d be grandstanding in some fucking Nike ‘exclusive’ or boring the chops off observers with Norse Projects or AMI plastered all over your tits. No, Digawel is almost plaintive in its obscurity. Few UK garmsmen outside of the readers of this here site will be familiar with it. But still, that badge is a conspicuous signpost of one-ups-man-ship. Obscure as hell brand vs big badge announcing the fact? I guess your tolerance of it will depend on the serenity of your mind, or whether, like me, you feel like shoeing your own TV whenever that dickpiece Rylan appears.

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