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A semi-retired Hong Kong Phooey

Based in NYC, Abdul Abasi and Greg Rosborough are the guys behind Abasi Rosborough. Ex of Engineered Garments and Ralph Lauren respectively, they launched their brand in 2013. Cut forward three years to me walking out of Gentry in Brooklyn, having just dropped-heavy on a short-sleeved, cotton shirt that makes me look like a semi-retired Hong Kong Phooey. But you know, in a fucking good way.

I’m woke to Abasi Rosborough now. And while the prices are insensitive, their rejection of heritage and adherence to a more progressive, quasi-futuristic aesthetic creates a refreshing, but complimentary counter-point to grail brands like EG, Nanamica and North Face Purple Label.


Other pieces in the mix here include the Willy Post Pant from Engineered Garments (if you’ve never tried them, my advice is buy them big and use the cinch strap at the rear to yank them in). They are soothingly relaxed and from the splaying pleats that the top, to the smooth taper at the ankle they have my highest recommendation. I should also mention the Trickers I’m wearing. I had them made for me, emulating a collaboration the Northampton brand made with Nepenthes. Beneath the removable kiltie sits a ghillie lacing system – I’ll be honest, they cost a fortune, but I know I’ll wear them for years.

Those of a millinery bent my wish to know that the hat is by Kapital – ‘The Old Man And The Sea’ model. I’ve wanted one for years and finally found one on sale in a store in Williamsburg, half price, a no brainer. The long-sleeved tee is (cough) Uniqlo, but… in fairness, it cost £9.50 and it fits well and it’s really soft and easy to wear. I do however realise, this is no excuse.

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