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I’d probably wear it, when it was cold, when I was bored

With the weather at least vaguely drifting towards the not cold, this is post could barely be more inappropriate. Having said that, these woolly OAMC hats have just dropped at Union in Los Angeles which is, you know, quite a hot place, so… well, that’s sort of a thing.


The only thing to like about these is the contrast rectangular panel detail. Fortunate then that I quite like it. Not in a, “fuck alive, I gots to get me a beanie with contrast rectangular panel detail“, way. More an, “oh, they did that… good for them“. If someone threw the grey one or the green one forcefully at my face, I’d probably wear it, when it was cold, when I was bored.


But then I’m not 19, with long blonde hair like the guy at the top of the page. If I was, I’d probably be more happy about the whole thing. Although, take another look at blondie up there. He looks like someone’s just shit in his Ricicles.

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  1. Mr Brown

    His dad shat in his breakfast bowl.
    There’s only so many years a father can put up with their off spring wearing winter hats in fair weather.
    Laughing boy’s clearly attempting to appear unmoved.
    He’s mortified.

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