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It’s a blazer. But missing lapels. And with looser sleeves. And tool pockets

Stop. Before you click away, this comes in Navy and Green too. And yes, your size is available. I know this because I’ve been stalking this Monitaly piece for time, over at The Bureau, waiting, just waiting for the cold steel of the sale scimitar to slice a percentage from the swing-ticket. Now that’s happened. Now it’s in my wardrobe. And it should be in yours. Or, you know, not. But for what it’s worth, here’s my thinking…


You’ll find this jacket in an highly specific hinterland – somewhere far from the snoot of formality, but neither at home in the oi-oi of full casuality. I mean, yeah, it’s workweary, but it’s crisp, marvellously cut and frames a shirt collar expertly. It’s like a blazer. But missing lapels. And with looser sleeves. And tool pockets. Oh, you know what I mean…

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Anyway, it bizarrely manages to look sort of loose while featuring a mildly trim cut – it’s a remarkable thing. I bought it in navy, but I’d fully go a green one as well, and for that matter the beige. A real winner this. Of all the one jacket I’ve bought this week, it’s definitely my favourite.

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