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Playboy Mansion or Razzle Mansion?

So yesterday we were on the pseudo-gown tip. Kind of a bit like a gown, but ultimately not. Now this thing is a gown (coat). If you’re looking to take your Japanese influenced stylings next level, you need to be scoping the gown scene. I mean yeah, it’s a coat, but by christ you’ll be coming off full Hefner. I’ll warn you though, there’s a cost involved. Unlike yesterday’s sale piece, this is brand new, late summer stock. But then you’re on this site for the best right? Your choice; you wanna be giving off Playboy Mansion or Razzle Mansion vibes?


As though fashioned from a punnet of daring, this is a proper game changer. Get it right and you’ll wonder how you ever existed without a gown coat. Get it wrong and your courage will vaporise beneath a landslide of cruel gags and disdainful glances. It’s a dangerous game this.

niche_balboa3 niche_balboa1

For those interested in rising to the challenge, it’s by Japanese brand Niche, it’s mid-length, with a pair of pockets, a couple of buttons and the all important robe style tie belt. The bold checked cotton fabric also does little to dissuade the viewer from assuming you’ve just stepped out of a sauna. If you’re up for it, point yourself Alpha Shadows-ways and prepare for a muscular 240 quid bill.

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