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Yogic flyer is not a good look

Now 95% of traditional British pubs have been assimilated by lowest common denominator, Sunday supplement taste (chalkboards, miss-matching furniture, matt grey pendant lighting) it’s probably quite radical to wear a jacket that looks like the wallpaper in boozer circa 1973. I don’t wear brown much. But this caramel flowery number from Niche has got my engine revving. You know, like Regan used to gun his Ford Granada in The Sweeney. It’s bad taste made good. This is cocktail sticks with pineapple on. It’s skin-tight tracksuits and micro-shorts. If this was a film, it’d be a ‘bluey.’

niche_coverall1 niche_coverall4

Fortunately cut-wise, we’re in the present day. This is a simple coverall, rendered in cotton with the expected array of buttons and pockets as befits a workwear classic. It’s got a nice little stand collar which might require a bit of experimentation to get right – with a pattern like this, you wanna be careful of coming off full-Nehru; yogic flyer is not a good look.

niche_coverall3 niche_coverall2

This will run you 185 quid, which for a lightweight piece which will work as a distinctive outer layer, or, when it’s colder, instead of a sweater, beneath heavier outerwear, makes fiscal sense. Look lively though. With the economy hemorrhaging at the current rate, your 185 quid might not be worth 185 quid by the time you finish reading this.

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