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A bit too glorious

I don’t often trouble Stockholm label Acne. I find a lot of their stuff a bit too designery, a bit too glorious, a little too effete. There’s a few too many psychedelic jumpsuits in the mix for me. Totally respect it. Love that it exists. But it’s clearly not targeting my wardrobe. That said, in amongst the skinny-rib tank tops and short-sleeved felt blazers, I’ve just noticed these olive chinos. They’re part of Acne’s first AW16 drop and look mad tidy.


Two things to note. Firstly, the shape, loose up top, tapered down below – bang on for now and pretty much the ideal way to give the impression of being mildly grown-up, reliable and smart, even if your brain is really just a pick-and-mix of obscure Italian horror films, 22 minute techno remixes and anus skewed erotica. Secondly the double front-facing, patch pocket action. This is a big deal. Obviously most cargo style pants have pockets like these on the side of the thigh. These are on the front. Which makes them better. It just does.


You’re looking at a good 230 coins for these. And by ‘a good’, I sort of mean, ‘a bad’ – although I’m aware that makes little sense in context. Just please understand, I know, it’s a fuckton to spend for a pair of chinos just because they’ve got pockets on the front. And I realise I doesn’t help matters that I haven’t specifically explained what makes pockets on the front so very desirable. Just take solace in the fact that I could. I really could. If I wanted to.


  1. james

    The kecks on their own look great but the model looks like he’s got up and put his arse on the wrong way.

  2. Mr Brown

    Darts in the knees?
    James Eppy’s big brother thought that was funny once.
    This incarnation is on a desirability par.

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