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These jeans are literally on fire

Drawstring jeans? Too lard-ass American in a La-Z-Boy with a mouthful of Cheetos? Not in the mind of Nepenthes top-man and Needles designer Keizo Shimizu. These things are so fire, they are literally on fire. And by literally I mean actually. These jeans are on fire. There’s smoke, there’s the stench of smouldering denim, there’s fire. By all that I mean, they’re not actually on fire. But they are good.


According to retailer Haven, they feature a “zippered rear accessory pocket”, which is a rear pocket with a zip on it. I guess you could transport accessories in it, but what it a dude’s ‘accessory’? A knife? A bandana? A swimming cap? No clue. Don’t care. This is Needles people, chock-full of weirdness and unexplainable unexplainabes. I deeply want these.

Needles-String-Jean-Pant-Pile-Denim-Indigo-7_2048x2048 Needles-String-Jean-Pant-Pile-Denim-Indigo-5_2048x2048 Needles-String-Jean-Pant-Pile-Denim-Indigo-1_2048x2048

I’ll even excuse the barbarous yellow top stitching – which usually would turn me right off. I’ll even excuse the tapered fit, although I would buy them as large as possible and roll them up with some aggression. Fuck the middle-American TV dinner crowd, drawstring jeans are what jeans are about right now.


  1. Mr Brown

    It’s not you, it’s me.
    I think it could be the stitching, the upside down yoke. The kid’s pigeon toes, the cloth.
    To me Jeans are the quiet mate. A bit overlooked, part of the gang, but not the loud one, or the funny one, or the fast or good looking one. The one that comes out with some heavy fact, act, motion or mates duty when you need it most and then everyone remembers why he’s a top boy.
    Maybe I’m conflating matters.

  2. Mr Brown

    Hang on.
    Monsieur Avoir les Pieds Tournés en Dedans isn’t even wearing jeans.
    They’re jogging trousers (or pants as I believe the kids say.)
    It doesn’t improve the situation either.

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