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All about not harming beasts, atmospheres, glaciers, trees or fruits

A week ago the Evening Standard Magazine published a filler piece purporting to map out London’s sartorial affectations. Dudes in west London wear red jeans and driving shoes etc… etc… This (admittedly weak) piece went on to say that 54% of east Londoners prefer slim jeans. Now it was clear that the article was motivated more by the urgency for a throwaway, easy-to-put-together piece, than adherence to scientific rigour. But even strongly presuming that was the case, my natural information bias wants to have faith in this statistic. Within the remaining 46%, of east Londoners one can broadly assume a considerable percentage aren’t bothered about fashion, some won’t wear jeans at all, while some probably didn’t understand the question.  Which by my scientific rigour probably leaves around 1.3% who are into a wider cut. 1.3% of the coolest, most informed, style-forward people in the city. As I only wear a wider cut, it would seem science has proved I’m one of them. Irrefutably. You can be too if you buy these.


I’ve spotlighted the brand Story mfg back in May and June of last year. And I’m really glad to see them picked up over at OTHER/Shop. Check out my previous scribblings for more detail on the brand, but suffice to say, they’re all sorts of eco, they’re all about handmadeness, they’re all about not harming beasts, atmospheres, glaciers, trees or fruits, and they like stories. You know, like the stories garments can tell. Like that time a chunk of your Magnum fell down your Albam button down and the brown never quite came out, but if you tuck it in no one will notice.


You wouldn’t want to be spilling convenience foods on these. They’re in natural unbleached denim – 100% organic cotton. Aside from the fatness of the cut – which is ideal – they sport some nice copper buttons too, and a drawstring waist. I’d go and buy these if I was you. I’d go and buy them if I was me to be fair. And as one of the 1.3% of the most fashion forward men in London, I probably shall.


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    Hello? Hello, is that Mr Bloggs? Mr Joe Bloggs? Great, I’ve been trying to get in touch, I think I may have a few orders for you. Yeah exactly Mr Bloggs, time to unlock the factory again.

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