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Like a beautiful cloth fish

There’s a suffocating sense of luxe around this knit. Examine the close-ups after the jump. Look at that weave, that cooked salmon pink with little brown flecks. It’s like a beautiful cloth fish. But more sweater shaped.

mockneck-oatmeal_004_1024x1024 mockneck-oatmeal_003_1024x1024

As my actual body is also cooked salmon pink with little brown flecks, I suspect I’d look like a naturist in this. With matching trousers I would look completely bare. I’d probably get arrested. And plod wouldn’t understand I was wearing Japanese poly-dyed knit. I expect I’d end up doing a month in Belmarsh. Probably fall in with a bad crowd. Develop a Spice habit. My teeth would fall out. I’d lose my job. My girl would do one. Makes you think.


You may still be interested to note that it’s by Aimé Leon Dore, the fabric is milled in Japan, the garment itself is made in New York and you’ll probably have already spied the all important kangaroo pockets and high-qual RiRi zip on this thing. It’s a dope piece, no question. I’m not going to buy it though. I can’t do time. I’m too pretty.

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