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Swagging a bounteous markdown

In some respects, most notably the impending Yuletide of Christmas, now is time to buy loads of stuff. In other respects, the impending Yuletide of Christmas Sales, now is absolutely not the time to buy loads of stuff. So when you look at stuff like these Oliver Spencer shoes (still available in sizes 7-10), you just know 50 quid will be lopped off the swingticket within a fortnight. So rather like taking a highlighter to the festive Radio Times, it pays to bookmark stuff like this, with a mind to swagging a bounteous markdown.


I’m not saying Oliver Spencer is the shit right now – they’re are too many Eastern brands, more obscure, more inventive and frankly more desirable  – but this is a staple pair of shoes. An everyday, knock-about pair that will work admirably with jeans or a smarter pant. I know that sounds boring, it is boring. But you know, you can’t have a whole outfit of straight-bombs, some pieces have to anchor your vibe, keep you grounded, keep you from looking like a ballbag.

osf50a_baxter_shoe_barkeley_navy_3_ osf50a_baxter_shoe_barkeley_navy_2_

These are navy (even though the pictures make them look black) and have a wool/cashmere blended upper. I can’t make up my mind whether or not I like the little red tab at the back. Does it look cheap? Does it look like the kind of thing you’d get on TopMan shoes these days? I wouldn’t know. Never go to TopMan. I’m too up myself.

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  1. To my eyes they look a little unfinished. Especially at the price, though I suspect a good portion of that is due to being made in the UK. I wonder who actually makes them?

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