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Head to the pub in a dressing gown

This is a robe. Or if you wanna get all real about it, a dressing gown. But this garm isn’t about bumming about in piss-dribble boxers, playing Black Ops 3, eating Tangy Toms. This is a ‘going out’ dressing gown. A gown to be worn down the shops, in a pub, in a restaurant. Maybe it’s more of a house coat – although I’m not really sure what the difference is between a dressing gown and a house coat? Anyway, you wanted some next level shit? Here it is. Fear it.

You can grab this robe over at Strato from the Japanese brand Sunday Works. It’s made from American deadstock rayon. Further Google translating reveals, “around the waist there is a calm atmosphere comes with a symbiosis land of rope.” Which is an interesting, albeit grammatically demolished way of saying it’s got a belt.


This is a confident man’s move. I mean, in virtually all respects, you’ll run the risk of looking like you’ve gone to the pub in a dressing gown. And in virtually all respects you will have. In your defence, you’ll be able to calmly point out that it’s Japanese, that it’s by a mad-obscure brand and that you’re just doing your bit to further the menswear conversation. So it’ll be fine. If your mates are anything like mine after a couple of pints, that will surely be the end of the discussion.

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