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Unlucky mate, you’ve got a pull in that

It’s rare to find a piece of clothing that seems to be taking the piss out of you. It’s like the knitted embodiment of Loki, the Norse God of Mischief. In principle it should keep you warm, but in the doing of it those gaping holes and lassoes of dangling wool will make you look like a copper topped cock.  Or will it? It’s Japanese. It’s by uber-obscuro brand Niche. So from a desirability perspective, its papers are in order. I just don’t know if I’m unselfconscious enough to wear it as the intended arty statement it undoubtedly is. I’d just be waiting for someone to dryly point out, “unlucky mate, you’ve got a pull in that.

holey knit.001It’s called the Hermano Sweater: Hermano being Spanish for ‘sibling’ – I have no idea if that’s relevant. And as you can see, it’s basically a sweater that’s lost a fight with Abu Hamza. It’s got an early period Comme des Garcons vibe about it – which for the unschooled means raggedy holes and dangly bits.

holey knit.003
I wouldn’t say I’m all about this sweater. I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m partially about this sweater. But I like that it exists. And if someone gave it me for free, I’d probably give it a run out in Peckham. At night. Around 4am. When everyone’s in bed.

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