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Apocalyptic stupidity or sublime beauty?

Why are Japanese website pictures so small? Is it not enough that I don’t even know where to buy these mad garms? Do they have to tease me with infuriatingly low-res shots of them too?

Anyway, if you’re familiar with the Japanese brand Needles, you’ll probably know of the Needles Rebuild off-shoot – new garms fashioned from old, a seemingly haphazard cut and paste process that creates items exhibiting (depending on your taste) apocalyptic stupidity or sublime beauty.

As far as I can gather, the pieces pictured are to be released mid-season – although again, who’ll be stocking them within the Great British Englands is information to which I am non-privy. Just as a point of interest, the boat-necked, mishmash of shirting fabrics at the top of the page is my pick. I’m all about the Sheriff of Nottingham’s investment banker vibe.

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