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Makes you want to wear a bag on your head

I think you could safely walk into any bar in the UK wearing this and instantly own the shit out of it. There’s an immaculateness to Nanamica coats. A sort of snowy crispness that renders all around it immediately sub-par. They are so beautifully made, that trying to place them on any traditionally recognised scale of beauty is farcical. This jacket is Candice Swanepoel. Yours is John Merrick. Brutal I know, but seriously, look at this jacket. Now think about what you wear down the pub. Makes you want to wear a bag on your head right?

nanamica jkt.002

This is the Varsity Windstopper by Nanamica. It’s 360 quid give or take and you can grab it over on Wonder Mountain (via a proxy service or your own ability to read Japanese).

nanamica jkt.003

It’s the fantastic knotted buttons that excite, as well as the nuclear white elbow patches and my reasonable expectation of the highest quality wool melton. I don’t own a Varsity jacket. But if I was to, it’d be this one. Why there’s no current stockist of this in the UK is beyond my understanding (even though with import duty and all that blarg, it’d be way more expensive.) I dunno. It’ll probably crop up on End in a week or two for £600+. And I’ll just look at it. Put on my bag. And go down the pub. Thank you, you’ve all been so very, very kind.

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