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Deploy the Kiwi Sports Whitener

To my mind, a clean, white full-stop on an outfit is still the strongest sneaker move out there. Popping colours, clashing fabrics and all that neon jazzmatazz catch the eye when box-fresh, but descend into street level obscurity when scuffed and bruised of their initial lustre. White kicks just need a damp towelling and some of that old school white polish – you know, the dribbly stuff with the spongey applicator – and they’re back to an approximation of new, albeit more creased. Anyway, these are some killer kicks. And you’d wanna keep ’em as pristine as possible for as long as possible. At least until the sting of the excruciating £269 drop wears off.

8000SneakerWhiteSilver2_1024x1024 8000SneakerWhiteSilver1_1024x1024

You’re looking at the latest kicks from OAMC. It’s a pretty forward thinking brand, with an emphasis on luxury, hence the robust price point. Basically it’s a tennis style sneaker, but including a climbing influenced strap detail and velcro adjustment. Not sure what needs adjusting round the back there? My shoes tend to stay on with laces alone. Still, they look the bomb.

8000SneakerWhiteSilver5_1024x1024 8000SneakerWhiteSilver4_1024x1024

Not sure I’m totally onboard with the luxe sneaker game. I really don’t need to see another pair of dull-ass Common Projects ever again. At least these have some unusual detail. They’d be simple to wear, although less simple to clean. Don’t like the idea of trying to prod my Kiwi Sports Whitener in-between that fucking harness.



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