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I dunno who’s still in this game?

How much is the absolute most you’ll drop on a shirt? If you’re a regular here, I imagine £100 is significant, but doable. What about £200? Pretty savage? Out the ballpark? What about £300? What about £400? Yeah, shit just got all sorts of real. This shirt will run you £465, not including postage and packing. I dunno who’s still in this game, cos I just left.


This is part of the FW15 Engineered Garments second drop over at The Bureau. And really, it’s billed as an ‘overshirt’. Which is not quite a jacket, but more than a shirt. The ‘more than’ basically comes from the fact that the fabric is heavy, thick and warming. Still, if it was snowing, you’d reach for a coat, not a shirt of above average thickness. So I guess, it’s for those days when it’s bracing, but not freezing. The kind of day when you can get way with wearing a hangy-out, open shirt and you’re predisposed towards the inevitable, “is that a shirt or a jacket?” queries.

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It demands fat stacks sure, but it is a thing of beauty. There’s a blue and grey floral jacquard going on, a military feel, press stud fastenings and that extra cool pocket on the arm. I totally want it. But it’s not destined for me. Unless it’s still around in the sale. And it comes down 70%. I mean, really, how many players out there with 465 quid to drop on a shirt are there?

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