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This is the reckoning

If you’d told me last week I’d be getting excited by an olive and brown garment, I would have quite politely punched you in the face. Olives are for eating. Brown is for, being brown. However, as soon as I saw the teaser Instagram of this jacket courtesy of (yes, again) The Bureau, I completely re-evaluated my entire life and, as a consequence, my personal belief system around olive and brown. I’m basically saying I would wear this Engineered Garments jacket both on my body and in my mind. I’m not sure anything is more important than that.

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This is made from ‘Activecloth’. I dunno if that’s a patented thing, or just a made up name? But I grabbed an EG Activecloth gilet last season, and while it made me no more active, I can confirm it’s definitely cloth. Hand–warmer pockets, cord lining, drawstring hem, reinforced elbows – this Coach jacket comes loaded with the usual EG arsenal. But it’s the stripe that gets me. The stripe and the colours. Damn, this shit is straight fire.

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It’s a bit on the 465 quid side of life for my current appetites, but what you gonna do? I’d need to be part of this life, but (as I pointed out yesterday) the summer sale is over. This is the reckoning. Either you’ve got the stacks to play in the game, or fold your fucking cards brah.



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