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A frighteningly aloof German synth duo

There’s no getting away from the smallness of this shawl collar. The eye just gravitates to it. In other respects, this zip-up, hemp and cotton shirt is fairly unremarkable. But the collar, look at it. Get up close to your screen and examine it. How small is that thing? It’s so fucking futurist man. It’s like Our Legacy designed it specifically for holographic starship medical staff. If you’re planning to start a frighteningly aloof German synth duo, you’ve found your shirt.


It may have the air of a Starfleet graduate about it, but Our Legacy aren’t accepting space coins yet. It’ll take 170 euros score this, or 120 quid if you insist on being all England of Kingdoms about it. Either way, it’s fair coin for such a small amount of collar. If you get a cold neck and wanna flip that thing up, you’ll only shield a third of a neck – it’s almost as though practicality wasn’t foremost in the mind of the designer.


Look how po-faced the model looks. I’m not sure if he even knows he’s wearing a comically small collar, but (and this is the terror of fashion) he looks so powerfully disinterested, I’m starting to feel inferior because I don’t own it. Stupid polish-faced, hair-helmeted, bow-lipped rake with his blank eyes and fucking pointless dinky collar. I’m adding it to my basket as I type.

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