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A miserable inevitability

Wearing shoes made of socks seems like a very Comme des Garcons idea. But actually, these kicks are a collaboration between Japanese sneaker brand Buddy and Japanese sock brand CHUP. So you’ve got a suede and knit mix upper, marrying CHUP’s ethnic inspired weaves, with Buddy’s steadfast, premium simplicity. The Comme buyers obviously appreciated this particular brand of madness – they’re stocked over at Dover Street Market.


I think you’d have to keep the rest of your rig-out simple to carry them off, letting the knitted ornamentation do the work. I’d probably bust these with some frayed jeans, I’d keep it navy on top and just sit on a park bench with some drinking yogurt, some rollys and a copy of Popeye, pretending I can read Japanese.


They come in a white colourway too, although I’d go navy. You’re asking for dirty sneaks by wearing sockyshoes in the first place, there’s no need to make it a miserable inevitability.

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