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Another meaningless soundbite, masquerading as profundity

Why are the best things always the furthest away? Makes you think doesn’t it? It shouldn’t, it’s rubbish. Just another meaningless soundbite, masquerading as profundity. Actually, you tend to surround yourself with the best things you can, your loves, your home, Fox’s Viennese Whirls. By that rational, this only in Japan, NOMA t.d. T-shirt can’t be one of life’s best things. Although I have to say, it’s doing a damn good impression.


If you’re looking at this thinking all that crochet business is a bit ladyish, we probably wouldn’t get on. I don’t know nuffink about engines, or fighting, or soccerball. I tend to think a bro wearing this is basically saying he appreciates handcrafted goods, not that he enjoys slipping on a brassiere when his missus nips out.


I particularly love the black, with the coloured detail, just brilliant. Shame the detail would be missed while wearing a jacket. I just don’t get why this level of expertise, this unusual, creative approach to T-shirts seems absent in the UK? It’s not even as though we’re talking crazy-high-end either, this thing would only run you 73 quid. But then there’d be import duty and the cost of a proxy service – so for the UK resident, it’d add up. Perhaps it is one of the best things in life? Shame then that it’s going to remain rather far way.

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