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More reason for being

The trend for sneakers with broad bands of contrasting colour on the upper, is still plodding along. You can clock this phenomenon over at Valentino and the new drop of Puma x The Old Curiosity Shop at Dover Street. I don’t have the feels or anything. But in the interest of public service, if you didn’t know this thing was a thing, at least now you know it is a thing.

The design trait just seems a bit ‘try hard’ to me. Too blatant, too cheeseball. Too “WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK, DESIGNER KICKS FAMALAM!” With me on this? That said… I’d like to straight up contradict myself and say that I do vaguely feel these from Sasquatchfabrix.

DSC_0728-73032 DSC_1344-c867d
Of course it doesn’t hurt that they’re not by Puma or Valentino. They’re by Sasquatchfabrix – Japanese (again) difficult to get hold of (as per) and you won’t see anyone else in them (fundamental to life). In truth though, I think the weird, slip-on, high-top design of these (with the black fabric slab, used functionally to elasticate rather than just decorate) has more soul. More reason for being than the other shoes in this space.


I can get with the simplicity. I can get with the 75 quid swing ticket too (not including Japanland postage, import duty, proxy service…). I’d go so far as to say, if someone gave me these now, I’d walk around in them. I would fucking walk around in these shoes. What about that? If someone gave me the Valentino ones, they’d be straight on eBay. With the product description, “WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK, DESIGNER KICKS FAMALAM!

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