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Autumn with sleeves

I would eat this jacket with a boiled egg and some soldiers. It’s like a shaggy pâté. Textured, knotty and mature. It’s Autumn with sleeves. It’s Engineered Garments. I’m firing up the toaster.

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Crafted from “block coloured herringbone“, it’s called the Barn Jacket and is typical EG with asymmetric chest pockets and clearly considered colour harmonies. To say I’m ‘all about this jacket’ would be doing both it and I a robust disservice. Wearing it tab-collar up, like the bro in the pics, wouldn’t be my first choice, nevertheless, I would seriously maim an inanimate object for this coat.

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I’m not even a big herringbone fan. But pieced together, in bolts of colour like this, there’s a modernity at work. It’s giving me the mad feels. Unfortunately, I’m temporarily having trouble putting my hands on the requisite 545 coins to secure this item. And I fear my toast is going cold.

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