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The great Marlboro Light drought of 2003

The London creative community haven’t been so worked up since the great Marlboro Light drought of 2003. This is part of a fresh AW15 Our Legacy drop. And to many, it probably looks like a a cardigan. Thing is, it’s a bit like a Magic Eye. If you see a cardigan, you’re an idiot. If you see a piece of turbo statement wear which people can enviously comment on, so you can sigh and pretend to have forgotten where you bought it, you’re a genius. An idiot genius. But a genius nonetheless.


In some respects, it’s a fucking expensive basic. A navy (or is it grey?) scaffold to support the wear of more atypical pieces.


For your 239 coins you get 100% Italian wool, a heavy duty double zip and a grand total of no pockets. Which to my mind, is two pockets light of the expected pocket ratio. Of course, you also get to prance about in a relatively anonymous cardigan. An anonymous cardigan that you know cost a lot and is made by Our Legacy, which you read somewhere is really cool, thus you must be really cool, and even though you haven’t anywhere to stow your travelcard, you’ll still feel pretty good about things.

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