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Trying to find a decent stream of Jurassic World

The other night I was doing what I always do – drunkenly rambling on about artificial intelligence, passing off stuff I’ve read on Wait But Why as my own.

So just imagine how a computer that is 20 million times smarter than a human being could cure cancer in a second, or give us the key to immortality“, I blabbed on. “And while we could ask the questions, we’d never understand how the computer reached the answer.

Yeah I get that“, said one of my audience, “it’s a bit, like, spiritual isn’t it?

The thing is, spiritual is the last thing is it. The finest minds on the planet believe in the almost unimaginable potential of AI, only pliable simpletons think ‘spirituality’ is even a thing.

Spirituality means nothing, it’s just the over-spill from equally nonsensical organised religion, coalesced into some saccharine package for duping the gullible”, is what I didn’t say. I just shrugged and said, “yeah, maybe.” I wish I had the courage of my convictions. I wish I had the courage of my convictions about this jacket too.


I love it. But I’d never wear it. I mean, how fucking pyjamary? Is it possible for a legitimately outdoor garment look any more like the kind of thing you’d wear lounging in bed, covered in toast crumbs, trying to find a decent stream of Jurassic World?


It’s from Japanese brand Unused a label that according to the write up over at stockist Goodhood, “does not force itself upon anyone; its graceful effortlessness intrinsic in each piece of Unused clothing.” Which is as close to spiritual gobbledygook as you’re likely to get in menswear. “Does not force itself upon anyone“? What does that even mean? A pair of pants from Zara doesn’t force itself on anyone?


But as I say, I do genuinely love it. I would fit perfectly in the lifestyle I aspire to. That of a disgraced earl, who spends his retirement bumbling around his estate,  eating hash cakes and making electronic music featuring sitar samples.

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