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Uniform Experiment can consider themselves successful

This is by Uniform Experiment. And a more appropriate brand label it is difficult to conjure. If we examine this particular ‘experiment’, we see that there’s a stripy shirt, seemingly welded to bits of sweatshirt. I’m not entirely sure if the ‘experiment’ was attempting to, in some way, improve on the individual garments by splicing them together? Or perhaps it was undertaken merely to prove that it could be done? In this at least, Uniform Experiment can consider themselves successful.


So it’s called The Pullover Shirt and one assumes the inhabiter of this garm would have to undo the buttons, then climb in through the bottom, before buttoning themselves inside – like an absurdly deep popover. I mention this only because I imagine there are few ways to put this on with any semblance of elegance.

UE_Pullover_Regular_Collar_Shirt-4 UE_Pullover_Regular_Collar_Shirt-5

It’s all cotton, so I guess you’d just wash this abnormality in a regular way. Although I suppose in theory the sweat bit could shrink a little, while maybe the shirt bit wouldn’t, leaving you with some humiliating and belly-throttling corset shit going on. I dunno, probably that wouldn’t happen. Drop 177 quid (plus some barbaric import duty) to find out yourself.

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