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She’ll assume you want to wear her skin

I don’t own this garment. But I feel like life is wrestling me towards it. As weeks pass, I’m being psychologically dragged into the sphere of totally inappropriate garments. And I’m not putting up much a fight. “Christ, that’s pure middle-aged crisis“, said my girl when I showed her this. She might be right. I just don’t see why a bro of certain years can’t get away with wearing something that makes him look like a crazed Punchinello at some wilderness ‘festival’ involving human sacrifice.


Granted, this thing’s got a somewhat ‘relaxed’ vibe to it. It’s probably not first date material – she’ll assume you want to wear her skin. But for the more open minded dudes (and their agreeable partners) I think this is full turbo.

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It’s by Kapital – a Japanese team who are seemingly expert in creating clobber for dudes to look weird in. I kind of want everything in their store. But this thing specifically, is just off the charts nuts. Pink bits, blue bits, pattered bits, zig-zagging stitching… I give up, it’s like trying to describe the contents of a cow’s mind. Decide for yourself… I just think, like a number of the pieces I spotlight on this site, you’ll either love it or despise it, and it’ll either make you look like a murderer, or a god. A pagan one naturally.

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